conversational explorations

I had the pleasure of having two great long conversations with Mikkeline and then with Carl (that was a planned 4hour-one actually) on a cozy sunday in Århus…

Besides the fantastic content we shared and created i want to extract some reflections on the conversational flow itself.

I find it intriguing to imagine (or even map out) the “highest potential” of a conversation in time and space being present from the beginning. So there are some “reservoirs of inquiry” that we most likely will get into as the conversation takes its way… there are gaps in the flow where someone jumps to a totally new track – there is conscious “manipulation” in certain directions, there is “wishing to hear this from you so telling you first a trusted piece so that you can enter that level easier”, there is circulating and spiraling around attractors and finding new, there is silence and grown-zone, there is excitement and boredom, there is feeling into natural arches of the conversation… there is so much :)

What i enjoy very much is when a conversation get’s into a way where the notion of one coherent thread has been let loose and both people hold onto their personal inquiry and they use each other more as inspiration pool to bounce off some sparks into ones own playground and sometimes into the other ones… it’s like two kids playing in a room – sometimes they go together for a while, then they are happy being on their own, back together and so on… i like that, i want to invite more of that. We don’t necessarily need to talk exactly about the same and need to understand each other fully – it’s really fun and inspiring to play with light-linked conversations it’s not only ok that you think of something else while i talk, it’s actually encouraged… it’s more about the underlying energy of sharing passion or sharing an impulse… you don’t know if they other person will get it totally based on your explanation, probably not… so let’s be a bit blurry in the words and the sense-making of the formulation but be sharp and tuned-in on the energetic expression and underlying impulses :)


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “conversational explorations”

  1. Ah, yes….this happens a lot when I’m on chat with or when I’m emailing back and forth … cutting my comments into the body of the email and the other person doing the same until it is all so mixed together that it is difficult to figure out which of us said what…we are in such total sync that our thoughts just flow together like hot lava downward flowing until there is a slight hollow where some of it hardens while the rest of it flows on to newer places. I’ve talked with these mates about it…and they explain that one of us sparks and the other one blows the spark into flame. They also say that sometimes they don’t know what they’re talking about…that it just comes from them because it wants to be expressed. I love it…


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