aligning with the evolutionary arrow

so if there is something like an evolutionary direction / consciousness development i’d like to visualize it as a big broad arrow upwards where we are eventually all standing on and doing our stuff…

most people now i would presume, are standing perpendicular to this arrow and are in resistance to its blowing winds… two people in a relationship might create a lot of interpersonal friction and it’s caught in the bounce between them and maybe the frustrated outbursts onto trusted friends.

so a tiny change in this constellation can shift things tremendously – if that individual or couple is turning 90degree and aligns with the big arrow! still there is interpersonal friction and conflict and joy and pain and all that, but it’s suddenly in the light of a larger process of development and evolutionevery process inside is also a process outside, the information and energy can flow through the dissipative structure the entity is offering…

do you get that? i believe this image can transform a life!


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

7 thoughts on “aligning with the evolutionary arrow”

  1. Thank you for your full and inspiring presence, catalyzing me to enact this moment from the same evolutionary-driven source…I look forward to exploring your posts more Benjamin!


  2. Truly odd….I read an earlier post and comment…open the next and you’re writing about it in a slightly different way…but the same, too. So, this is how it works. Yes?


  3. “every process inside is also a process outside”, yes ! However, I see a different arrow than the one you described, it is big and broad but it is pointing “forward” – whatever that means; somehow the image of upwards takes us to the mental mind, and the image of downwards takes us to earth, and the image of backwards takes us to the connection with heart of our life circumstances to the moment, and the image of forward takes us to the connection of the heart with the “emergent” direction and future … For me, I see people “stuck” in their personal acquired comfort zone, I see people “ungluing” towards the direction of their personal arrow, conversing, learning, discovering, I see people “moving” in the direction of the intention, understanding, connecting, collectively sharing, and I hope to see people starting to “flow” in all directions, confident that wherever they put their feet, they will still be aligned with the tide of life and its “evolutionary” direction ….

    Thank you Benjamin for opening a field of co-creating …

    ps: (in The Tree of Knowledge by Maturana and Varela, they speak of “conflict – as a mutual negation”; and that for co-existence with others, “we must see that their certainty – however undesirable it may seem to us – is as legitimate and valid as our own, because, like our own, that certainty expresses his conservation of structural coupling in a domain of existence – however undesirable it may seem to us” …..)


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