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I collected some of my recent posts on facebook to restart my blog. For your inspiration or confusion… your resonance and dissonance ist most welcome, especially when shared :)

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why assisting a good cook in a stressfull restaurant-kitchen is building organic memory of inner urgency before the storm starts outside: in my time under Rene’s command in the beergarden where i worked in south Germany i was so impressed to experience how he is able to lift the stress-level to prepare food and dishes BEFORE the masses come to order food, so we had a managable amount of tasks IN the tidal wave. I observed in myself the pattern of naturally getting more slow when the high is over, but the true mastery here is to work in rigorous foresight of the coming… and this is really an organic capacity he build up over decades of work in that field and it needs so much PERSEVERANCE… why should i be the storm inside when it’s peaceful outside? -> because it WILL pay back when the storm starts outside…

drawing the line here to coming global crisis in supply of cheap energy, finances and all that – the storm WILL come… but we are somehow still hardwired to only be stressed when there is a reason to be stressed… so cheers to building individual and collective capacity to organically feel urgency NOW…


a social translator (term by Reinoud) is a person or an entity that conducts meaningful exchange between social ‘silos’

… how can the baker meet the astronaut on the leading edge of personal development and vice versa… as realms of knowledge and skills of humanity are growing far out, also the gaps between grow – and circles are forming with high entrance-threshold… so rising the level of the ‘common denominator’ is the quest for A to learn something from B.

i believe where we will meet on highest possible level is in a metaphorical space, is a language of energies, is talking about the dynamics and patterns we experience… cosmic breath finds it’s expression in many different outgrowths… however there seems to be melody coming along with it that we can hear across and beyond… analogies that are so close to our experience that we call them ‘realogies’… resonating from within… just the final touch of the manifestation will vary from realm to realm…

does this sound fluffy? it may, but it is SO real!! for ANY learning you gain in ANY field, there IS a chain-lightning of associations, metaphoric layers and symbolic potence branching of into other domains of cosmic expression… just about being liquid enough in your consciousness to see it. finding a ‘language’ to share this beyond your silo, and/or translation-instances will pass the impulse on… this is happening anyway since the beginning of time – just to name it and make it a conscious inquiry!

…the cosmic pattern language – also observing your own psychic process of getting motivated or transitioning from anger into sadness… all those dynatterns (dynamic patterns) have brothers and sisters in the social space, in music, in painting in animal and plant world…

and yes, there IS a vertical axe of complexity in this where certain impulses blow up a vastly bigger space in one playground than in another and maybe even birth sub-spaces that can not be found elsewhere… and there IS a danger of scaling up metaphors from one to many… we loose information on the way, the other way is more natural to go, track the collective dynamic back into it’s fractal expression in smaller units…

tuning our senses for this, our perceptional muscles, the new sexy is how many ripples you let your inner ocean take when it get’s a stimulus…


incredible amounts of energy are caught in unhealthy loops of interpersonal friction -> so here is to to realize that we are standing on a big cosmic evolutionary arrow in our little human conflicts

this is nothing we only have to ‘get clear’ for ourselves, we suffer/celebrate this to feed the information we gain into the field… consciously embracing that little notion of the inside being the outside, what i go through is a service to the larger at the same time… don’t block the gate while you have a conflict with somebody – shout over to each other from the archways so that the stream can still pass and get a chance to receive a gift of process from you guys in your nasty nitty gritty boiling pot :)


as we build capacity to anchor our emotional/soul-nourishment in larger social and spiritual context we need less and less the current situation ‘urgently’ to satisfy our feeling of being appreciated and hold and seen and understood and all that… this comes easy and natural and is already the base we start from, not the ground we need to re-build all the time…

will this be the time we come together to not seek what we have in common but to seek how we are different and can boost our individuality together even more… standing in a circle facing outwards, warm supportive energy flowing in the back while everyone having a unique playground in front… instad of a circle facing inwards where we need to make decisions together and understand and embrace all that comes into the circle… it needs both i believe – but i am really tired of green-meme energy in circles that want to be equal for the sake of being equal :)

and yes, i understand the process of creating a shared language and having joint experiences/stories/idols and the “getting warm” with each other… but i mean a different ground to become more self-evident, it’s the simple notion of appreciating everyone as unique expression of the universe and starting from that :)


some day… want to create a gathering with Jasmine that’s purely dedicated to be in dream-space together! all conventions, judgements, procedures, social behaviors are blurred and new forms of interacting are tested as they arrive in curiosity, no expectations of you ending your sentence or “making your point”, we might build the point together…

no need to introduce yourself or ask a polite question back because you were asked something… everything is soul-space and symbol and is meaning-yet-to-be-interpreted, the weak signals, the weird and the not understandable get a sacred space and embraced… “oh nice, i don’t get it… how can it be even more confusing”… no harvest or distilling process… the space is just breeding…


beyond consensus

[…] you could also say it results from a need of impulses to get ‘confirmed’ (and on the way towards that most often cut down in their expression to the lowest common denominator) by the whole group… and as we grow more mature into trusting the power and unique shape of our impulses we don’t need that confirmation and just go for it – WITH the trust and support of the circle…


the good cook does not seek to create one taste, the quest is to compose a symphony – there shall be versatile nuances to explore and a whole journey of taste may unfold with letting different islands blossom on your tongue… the meta-tone is rising as sensual memory is flooded

may you be the pool of multiple inputs on various levels, may myriad of potential and lived trajectories source or conduct in the vibrant sea you are. inviting the wisdom of the edge, the ‘Weird’ and the Unknown went to places you haven’t dared to step into – may you pour their energy into you… dare to get soaked, expanding the horizon to whatmore is possible… maintaining to be the one tree with so many leaves… all get touched slightly different by the wind and move in their way, though they give and get to the same trunk with roots and breathe their oxygen into the atmosphere…


thinking about Biofeedback and how awesome a research lab on Socialfeedback would be… exploring forms of mirrors for a collective to ‘arm’ it with new senses so the social body can learn something new – for a new attractor/algorithm to get installed… with a potential effect of higher collective awareness and more effective processing of complex information as a social system or or or…

Biofeedback: temporary technological additional “sense” for the body to learn something new about himself, also here:

thinking about a group exercise where some kind of movement dynamic happens in the room – and then having a computer know the positions of everyone (infrared camera tracks LED on peoples head for instance) and on the underrun of a certain average value the light is changing or a sound is changing… so the collective gets an immediate feedback on what is happening in the room… or measuring everyones heartbeat and translating the collective beat into a tangible feedback in the room… and then let them process an emotional stimulus or transparent sharing or something… vast space to explore here :) and maybe the temporary additional sense does not have to be technical! it could also be as organic as a drummer sensing into the whole and adapting the beat…


If tomorrow a bunch of sharks in the oceans unite with the plan of biting through all the transcontinental glas-fibre internet/telephone-cables at multiple spots and thereby basically switch of global connectedness on technical level for unforeseen time… what will happen / what will the reflection process surface that will start to pop up around the question what we as humanity learned from this period of global connectedness via electronic devices – what patterns will start to emerge in the paths that have been laid neurologically and social-communication-wise from this period of time?

new communication styles like the FB architecture or Tweets will find an expression in a more parallel-processing face2face/group communication

a global experience of interconnectedness will unite people locally

the neuronal imprints of this connectedness will open up channels for energetic long-distance communication

incredible potential in local group intelligence will be ignited as all the love and care and cleverness that has been floating in globally connected spheres will now blossom fully in face2face leadership

we were putting far too much energy into this medium in a time where other skills would have been much more needed

it was all expression of an evolutionary longing for other forms of communication and the feeling of connectedness

we learned our lesson and immense motivation is rising to use the opportunity more intentional when the glas-fibre cables will be repaired

local traditions and cultures will be re-ignited as people seek for ‘new’ anchors in their life

we learn to empower and ‘charge’ ambassadors to travel and carry on inspiration to other continents – knowledge sharing will be so much more focused and cared for… the buzz around millions of shallow signals is over and the meaningful and resonant signals will ping through


this song makes me cry because of its intensity!! and while thinking about it i can also feel it, the consciousness that appears in its own reflection… songs, stories, encounters, artwork – all those packages of experience we allow our emotional body to resonate with… my Amygdala is flooding chemical messengers through my brain and i see my life in the perspective of a an arc of a dynamic that shows consistency of shape with the arc build into the package of the current experience… the bigger picture got scaled down into an horizon that i can grasp emotionally in the here and now and that informs my system with new motivation to live and think and form and create… so yes, loving to get soaked – but what happens if i plug out my earphones, can i prolong the trajectory of the experience? …speaking from the attractor in me wanting to explore how we are plattforms for processes… how can your longing and dance and suffering and joy prolong in me as you move into another space –

…to carry on the informed aura into the next moment and the next… stepping back and ahead to be the channel, be the tool, be the conductor… how big can we feel and what is the expansion of the context we can feel at once? if i am consciousness manifested through my unique expression… how many gates can be open at the same time to dissipate and integrate…

what we encounter is mirror, is symbol, is in consistency of shape with what is inside – the outside is the inside is the language of energy dynamics… enriched on the breath in and simplified on the breath out… constructions building over time as system evolving in systems… taking for granted and granted for taking… judgement, shyness, boldness – emotional constructs in the psycho-socio-space… keep the fire inside when outside is no space to see the fire… hold it, nurture it… the universe is co-developing in you… you are the leading edge of your story, sacred responsibility of fostering the unique seed in you… the emergence under the ground is massive… who are you without boundaries and in your fullest potential? who are we to align in supporting you to be this? we will meet us there…


Out beyond ideas of paid jobs and unpaid jobs – there is value. We will meet us there.


in the german beergarden i work we had TV screens set up for the football game tonight – so i experienced the whole wave of before, in it and after it (and germany lost!) from the ‘hosting the space’ perspective… oh wow, quite a show of tribal humanness!

cheer-leaders are taking their role, loud and quiet subgroups are forming… lifting the energy or sucking the excitement, slow noise-rising and abrupt reactions. then collective sharing of the brutal truth of having lost the game – frustration, anger, tears… “we” lost…

so obvious that football is the biggest global event of tribal feelings… we support our tribe… the remaining archetype of rituals to bond the group, it’s all there: singing together, sharing big emotions, feeling connected to millions of people watching… all the heavy complexity of life and social relations is broken down into a simple game with such clear frames that my emotional and social body can easily process it and synchronize themselves.

Also a form of strong invisible connections – people/groups receiving the show through a one-way channel of TV… nothing can flow back – but ‘knowing’ that millions are out there on the other end of the channel as well does make the back-flow unnecessary…

so friends… what other and especially so much more meaningful forms of collective rituals can/are we seeding now that will grow momentum over the years and decades… i sense lot of attractors out there have already begun to form such creatures…

maybe we can build the capacity to expand the ritual space more and more, maybe it can be present as an underlying tone all the time as we learn to not depend on rising and falling of a space to actually realize the energy between!


such a sweet pain when imagination and the sense of potential seems so far greater than what the moment contains… endless branches of what-could-also-be blooming in all dimensions, trusting to live into it over time and loving the moment, this is where it all ends and begins :)


wow’ed about the quantity of street-data google maps has to process? just struck by the simple insight of the actual amount of paved street laying there… billions and billions of tons of stone and bitumen (oil!) laid-out over the decades… and ‘ON TOP’ of all that we can drive to the next village to meet a friend…

feels like a flicker in hot air this extremely high level of luxury in the industrial age, all depending on the availability of cheap oil… what kind of celebration is the global hype on iPhone4??? people snoozing in crystal palaces of consumption and receiving individuality and salvation by choosing from products… the construction on top of which this can happen is meanwhile so high and fragile… what if one day the long and long production and transport chain for our food to the supermarket gets a hole? sweating under the desert sun with short breath and soon to realize the massive sunburn…

when will we be proud and collectively respected again for answering questions about what your skills are with “i can grow food for my community”, “i can build a wastewater treatment with plants” and “i know about forming a circle and rituals to hold it”


a light mental/emotional operating system that loves to channel and catalyze beauty and can process & navigate heavy complexity with elegance


may the unfolding of the creation surprise the creator and transcend its scope… obsolete to ‘achieve your goal’ when your playground transforms on the way


communication spaces that are so broad, open and trusted that they can contain it all – no need for sharing meta-reflections, shadows, tics or the unspoken with someone else afterwards to make it complete, it all has a place in this 1&1 right here right now – this is where it all begins and radiates into our manifestations in the world…


inspiration comes as bird landing on your shoulder… challenges can come as dark ink soaking you. (media/ads makes us look for the next catchy shining phrase & so weak in perseverance)… i call for more courage in letting your system get soaked with energy as heavy, new or confusing as it might be – trusting in your stable core & inviting the universe to re-pattern you, offering yourself as an evolutionary tool…


scaling huge fabrics of correlation into realogies/storylines/packages that our emotional-mental bodies are able to intuitively click with, hold & process (e.g. a song that feels in the moment like shining beautiful light over your whole life)… how big and how small can you feel? & can you place a seed in my consciousness that expands my capability of feeling that big/small?… artists of human affection i invite

‎…inviting these artists to pollinate my system with stimuli that expands it’s matrix, for my body to bloom into the new space as experience is offering material to knead it in…


Das Rad” movie – makes me think of the time-speed we perceive and how much slower or faster it also is.

Makes me wonder what we are potentially capable of processing and relating to time-wise. Peter Senge speaks about the gap of relating to our future emotionally.

Makes me curious to explore experiences that can widen the capability of relating to time – soaking in the shortest moments and letting the glimpse of their inner dynamic play out in me to sense into it from all sides… that yes. But how to “scale down” my plane-flight to the climate-impact it has, into a ‘package’ or a set of metaphorical embodied bridging-patterns that my body-mind can process and stimulates my intuition and emotions.

A fantastic practice i experienced in that realm was on a seminar with Joanna Macy. Sitting in double-circle; the outside circle was living in the now and the inner circle were humans in 200 years from now. Speaking in one-now to one-future human, we were guided through questions around “how was it to be in the time of the great turning” and the future humans spoke their gratitude that they are living because we made it possible. It was a really powerful and deeply touching experience for me and my sense is that this is a strong angle for meaningful perceptional attractors… stretching consciousness wide beyond daily scope… into time and space or the potential of a group/network…

What are practices/exercises that build capacity to feel in bigger context in bigger times?


“emotional gap of relating to our future”… installing the structures/attractors in the gap for an organic bridge to click in


transformational agreement: whenever you experience me in a lack of the ability of processing information or scope of consciousness please TELL ME, I want to hear smthg like ‘Benjamin, my sense is that this is beyond your capability‘ :)


i see the tree of analogies of the addressed holon reaching through various layers and i invite association into the cross-interpretation and broadening of it


Imagine that we as a team could share and spread new knowledge and learnings as fast and effective as we can do with gossip?” -Ane Price Mørk

gossip event/story-based, so somehow a condensed piece of interaction, either especially weird or climax of something… loaded with projections – travelling in group body, forming and growing, if not charged with new facts it looses touch and becomes this creature, not able to call back and hard to correct…

learning/knowledge-sharing different paste and targeted not so short-term, requires motivation to carry into leisure-mood

gossip is raising naturally up from interaction level to communication – knowledgesharing seems to need an effort to be pulled down from abstract space to communication

igniting the gossip-channels with meaningful snippets….

la la la

and if you want more, you may continue reading in this very unfinished and hopelessly confusing and inspring document :)


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