Realogy Questionnaire

Reality + Analogy = Realogy … created May 2009 in Santa Cruz, California. Some questions that arose in my linguistic module by sensing into meaningful questions to find out about a humans core. Asked it some people…

Q In what space are you right now?

Q Easy one to start – can you give me your favourite quotes and your favourite thoughts from the top of your head.

Q I am going to ask you a question, and i don´t want to answer it… yet – i want you to sense into the question and describe me what is happening in you – “are you dancing in your passion”?

Q describe yourself in your highest potential.

Q Ask Benjamin what he is seeing in you right now (potential) and tell me how it was to hear that.

Q When you hear the term “sacred questions”, are there some coming to your mind that you would name sacred questions?

Q Is there a question you don´t want to get asked?

Q Ok, here is an answer: “mhm, yes thats a good point to consider”. I want you to find a question where this answer would match.
“well… i am on my way”
“i would love to, but i just can´t do it”
“its all about enjoying the presence”
“that is a beautiful question, thank you for asking it”
Find two questions for this answer: “the threshold is key”
“my assumption is that they have too different energy patterns”

Q Give me three questions, which would be for you the most effective ones, to directly digg to a persons core.

Q If you were allowed to change one modul from your character for free, what would that be?

Q Is there someting like your vision, goal, dream that you feel you are living into?

Q How would my experience of you be, if you are shining in your brightest light, radiating pure energy, being fully alignet with your passion?

Q Who would you like to meet, when you are in your highest energy, highly self-confident and world-embracing? What would you like to do, to manifest in this energy?

Q How do you come in your energy? What is triggering that?

Q You have 5sec on a stage where every human on earth will watch you – what would you do and say?

Q If i ask you about “mindtools”, what could that mean for you?

Q What do you do, when you want to memorize something, how can you fix something on your inner screen? Can you share about creative braintechniques that work for you?

Q What happens in you when you hear all these questions and answer them?

Q What is the most typical social role you find yourself in?

Q What other roles have you experienced with yourself – enjoyed or hated it?

Q What helps you feel safe in a group of unkown people?

Q If you go with one known person into a group of unkown people – how do you behave, is your energy flow reaching out to the group through your friend or are you exploring the new social by your own?

Q If you are totally new in an environment – maybe another country. Can you say out of your experience if there are patterns or roles that you are recreating around you?

Q What are the areas / safe islands of expression, where you feel drawn to? (music, emails, art…)

Q We are before the BigBang – you are god(ess) and you can choose which area(s) of the unborn world you take responsibility to create.

Q Give me three of your good friends and what area they would create in this unborn world.

Q How would you describe yourself as a landscape?

Q If i want to get an impression of you by clicking around on websites – which would have to be the google search request where the resulting web-pages give me an impression of your interests?

Q Give me some more keywords about your interests.

Q You might have friends who are travelling and get to know people all over the planet – how does the [name]-space look like, that you would like to implement them in their social-brain. In which situations, which people and what keywords/tags should ring their bell to forward you these contact or information?

Q Who of your friends would describe your potential best?

Q What would she/he tell me about your potential?

Q Is there something you wanna add?

Q If you were dying in the next minutes – who would you like to be the last person who holds your hand?

Q What would you tell her/him – with your last breath?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

3 thoughts on “Realogy Questionnaire”

  1. I never fail to be joyfully surprised by what you offer :)
    Inspirational !!
    I enjoyed going through each question and coming up with my questions ..
    Keep them flowing ..
    With gratitude.


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